Planning your wedding will be the last of your worries and our very first!
Blunel is a dynamic organization dealing with destination weddings in Italy, especially in the green region of Abruzzo. Our team of experts is characterized by professionalism and creativity and will make your Italian wedding dream come true. You will be able to plan your wedding in the same place your parents or grandparents wed or choose your wedding location among a large variety of breathtaking solutions: seaside, countryside or mountains. We will handle everything for you and let you enjoy the best day of your life.


You may be amazed by all of the services available in Italy.
We can offer partial organisation services or give you the opportunity to choose among the services suggested.
Blunel Wedding in Italy can brag collaborations with highly qualified vendors and suppliers in the region of Abruzzo and will provide only the best solutions for your wedding.



Choice of the Church
While at home, we will give you the chance to see the best and most evocative churches and locations for the civil ceremony.

Ceremony Furniture
Through sophisticated and elegant fabric pattern matches we'll manage to make the place you chose look at its best. Soft drapes will lightly adorn the settings, welcome the guests and surround you. You will have the chance to choose the fabric you like the best, the colour that best represents you and create, step by step, the style of your own ceremony.

Historical manors, castles, medieval towns, villas, country houses, restaurants, gardens, farmhouses, museums or whatever place comes up to your mind, will become the setting for your wedding reception.
What if there's nothing in it?
Don't worry; we'll get the things you need.

Catering services
In a garden, in a yard, in an old manor, in a castle or on a beach, whatever your imagination suggests, we will be able to provide a perfect service and high quality food which will be wonderfully served, as we base our work on great passion for haute cuisine and for the art of entertaining guests.

Mise en Place (Display)
Elegant decorations, original combinations, exclusive solutions and displays, from fabrics to centrepieces, from placeholders to floral decorations, from the guest seats to tableaux. The first glance will be absolutely amazing.

Floral decorations
To make an event unforgettable you'll need the colour, the scent and the beauty of flowers. Our creativity and the professionalism of our floral designers will make us able to create enchanting settings.

For invitations, cards, church service leaflets, menu, placeholders we will offer the finest papers, the most innovative printings or a calligrapher's service. Your wedding starts with the sending of an invitation and ends with a thank-you card. Through the invitations you will give a first impression of the day and of its style.

Whether you choose a solo singer, a band, a jazz quartet or a choir, thanks to our partners the soundtrack of your wedding day will surely be wonderful.

Wedding keepsakes
Classic and elegant objects, unique elements, original or lovely manufactures, we will find together the perfect idea that will always remind your guests of your wedding day.

Garment and Accessories
A wedding gown is every woman's dream; rich and regal or basic and modern, unconventional and extravagant or elegant and fine, clouds of organza and silk cascades, precious brocade or sumptuous duchesse, light tulle or elaborate lace, whatever girly dream you might have our ateliers will make it real.

Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist
The best beauty experts will not disappoint your expectations: they will be at your total disposal and will turn you into the most beautiful bride ever.

Photo sessions and Video shooting
Our professionals with their technical skills and abilities will be an active but discrete part of your wedding, immortalizing the most evocative moments of your wedding and giving you the chance to remember them forever.

Cars and Carriages
Whether you dream of a vintage car, a modern and prestigious one or a princely carriage dragged by horses, we can make it come true.

Legal Procedures
We will follow for you the legal procedures, whether you chose to have a civil ceremony or a religious service, according to the Catholic Church or non-Catholic, and whether you decide to have an interracial marriage or a marriage between fianc├ęs of different nationalities.

Entertainment Services
We will provide musicians, singers, entertainment, stand-up comedians, dancers, actors, jugglers, magicians, for a classic and formal or an extravagant and dynamic wedding reception.

Hostess Service
A team of kind and helpful assistants will always carefully attend to each guest's need.

Our travel agent will kindly advise you about a range of destination and create a variety of combinations, enthralling you with beguiling travel solutions whether you are looking for a relaxing, cultural honeymoon or an exciting, dynamic, adventurous one.

Children Entertainment
We also provide a children oriented entertainment to make your wedding a perfect, exciting day even for the younger guests, and to let their parents enjoy the atmosphere of the ceremony.

Travels to and from Italy
We will plan your travel cooperating with the best travel agencies and organize your round trip so that you will not have to worry and stress about bookings.

Hotel Accommodations
We will choose the best and most evocative accommodations for you and for those who will be with you on the most beautiful day of your life, making your stay in Italy a unique experience.

Reception and Transfer
We will be at the airport to welcome you, then we will take you to the accommodation you chose for your stay, or any place you would like to go and visit in our country.

Guided Tours
We will organize entertaining, cultural, dynamic and sports tours in the loveliest and most characteristic places of our country, getting you to know the very beauty of these sites.

Wine and Food tours
You won't really know a country unless you taste the typical dishes of its cuisine; that is why we will organize Wine and Food tasting tours to discover the very soul of Italy.